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Language Arts Homework

 Mrs.CarinNewsome- 6th Grade Language Arts


Tues., October 4 - Homework

  • Read 30 minutes or more and complete at least 5 post-it; bring book and jots tomorrow
  • Good, typed copy of Paradise Farms poem was due Tuesday, Oct. 4. If you did not have it today, please make sure you have it tomorrow!

Fri., September 30 - Homework

  • Read 2 hours or more and complete at least 8 post-its
  • Paradise Farms poem due Tuesday, Oct. 4. Use assignment sheet and rubric

Thurs., September 29 - Homework

  • Read 30 minutes or more, complete at least 3 post-its, and log
  • Study Island assignment due Friday
  • If you didn't have your Reader's Notebook Entry (about independent reading book) on Thursday, have it on Friday!
  • Paradise Farms poem due Tuesday, Oct. 4. Use assignment sheet and rubric!

Tues., September 28 - Homework

  •  Read 30 minutes or more, complete at least 3 post-its, and log
  • Reader's Notebook Entry about independent reading book due Thursday
  • Study Island assignment due Friday


Mon. September 27 - Homework

  •  Read 30 minutes or more, complete at least 3 post-its, and log
  • Study Island assignment due Friday


Mon.-Fri., September 19-23 - Homework

  • Read 30 minutes or more each night, complete at least 3 post-its each night, and log
  • Share the "Golden Rubric" with your parents and get a signature


Friday, September 16 - Homework

  • Read 1 hour or more, complete 6 post-its, and log
  • Finish good copy of Reader's Notebook Entry about summer reading book
  • Bring independent reading book and updated reading log to class on Monday

Thursday, September 15 - Homework

  • Read 30 minutes or more, complete 3 post-its, and log EACH NIGHT
  • Get a parent signature on LA Expectations sheet
  • Bring summer reading book to class

Mon.-Wed., September 12-14 - Homework

  • Read 30 minutes or more, complete 3 post-its, and log EACH NIGHT
  • Get a parent signature on LA Expectations sheet

Friday, September 9 - Homework

  • Read 1 hour or more over the weekend
  • Finish good copy of Bio-Poem
  • Bring in all LA supplies: separate binder, spiral notebook, pocket folder, 5 dividers, post-its
  • Bring in completed summer reading work



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Mrs. Creed's
English Language Arts Homepage for Grades 
6th, 7th, and 8th
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson  Mandela

Welcome to a new school year St. Paul Parents and Students.

I am looking forward to a school year full of fun and exciting new learning experiences, as well as an effort from each student to reach their personal academic goals!

Middle School English Language Arts

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at St. Paul School. My name is TamiRae Creed and I am excited to be your child’s ELA teacher.

This year, we will be covering the following:
  • Reading Comprehension: We will analyze a variety of texts, including short stories, independent reading books, and read alouds to develop a deeper understanding of literary elements.
  • Grammar: We will practice Daily Language Review (DLR) to challenge ourselves to understand and apply the rules of the English language to our writing practice.
  • Writing: We will be working on various forms of writing: paragraphs, narratives, essays, poetry, creative, persuasive, research reports and response to literature. We will also work on improving our ability to communicate our writing orally with classroom sharing of ideas as well as written work.
  • Vocabulary: We will be expanding our word knowledge and vocabulary using DLR and context clues from texts and daily practice.
  • Blended Learning: We will be using,, and to access articles and texts that will be tailored to students individual reading levels and interests. Students’ data will be monitored to track their successes, as well as the skills and strategies to focus on for improvement.
  • Homework: Students will be expected to read 30 minutes daily and complete their Read and Respond Monday-Thursday, due on Friday with a parent signature. There may be occasional homework for unfinished work or special projects when necessary.
  • Book Talks: Students will be expected to complete a Book Talk once a month on a book they have read. This will include information about the text, a summary, and their personal review or reflection. This will be shared orally with their class. Each Book Talk will be worth a total of 30 points. The due dates are as follows:
Sept. 25, 2017      Oct. 30, 2017        Nov. 27, 2017    Jan. 29, 2018 
Feb. 26, 2018       Mar. 26, 2018        Apr. 30, 2018      May 29, 2018

Learning Expectations:
I expect Students to:
  • Come to class organized and ready to learn
  • Respect one another and their learning styles
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
Homework Policy:
I accept homework for full credit on the day it is due. This is to prepare students for the rigorous expectations of high school. I will accept homework for half credit after the due date, within a one week period. If you were absent and need to make up an assignment, you have however many days you were absent to make up the required assignment(s).

Students must read for 30 minutes every school day (including Friday) and school night (including Sunday). Think of how much you're exercising your imagination! Students will be required to complete a Read and Respond Form Monday through Thursday, parent signature required and turned in on Friday. Read and Respond Forms are expected to be completed even when we do not have school that particular day (i.e Labor Day). A total of 20 points per week will be given for Read and Respond Homework.

Students may also be required to complete in class assignments on occasion as needed. 

Grade Updates:
I will ​update grades periodically throughout the school week. My goal is to have all weekly grades current by Friday of each given school week.

God Bless,
TamiRae Creed
Here's a link to information about a podcast that would be great listening in the car on the way to school.  :) CLICK HERE!
Parents: here are some ideas to help promote reading with your students. Creating a reading atmosphere at home is a huge part of helping your kid read well! :)
Click here for an enlarged image