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Oscar Wao Essay Ideas

Essay Topic 1

Oscar is referred to as a hero. Why is Oscar referred to as a hero and what type of hero is he?

Essay Topic 2

Oscar's family had a lot of bad luck. What explanation did the family give for all of their bad luck and why?

Essay Topic 3

Lola couldn't wait to get out from under her mother's thumb. Describe the relationship between Lola and her mother and why there relationship was so volatile.

Essay Topic 4

Neither Lola or Belicia were satisfied with their lives; why were Lola and Belicia so unhappy and did they have the same reasons for being discontented?

Essay Topic 5

Belicia got a scholarship to attend a good school. Why did it seem to be a good idea for Belicia to attend El Redentor, and why did it prove to be a bad decision?

Essay Topic 6

Belicia's growing up years are described...

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List of essays, alphabetical by author


Jordan Baker, "Between Worlds"
Ryan Ferries, "Oscar's Half-Empty Glass"
Devin Heck, "The Feminist Side"

Kara Heiser, "Dominican Roots of Male Dominance"
Amanda Laager, "Obedience"
Hollie Logsdon, "Manic Repression"
Nicole Moore, "Depression of Masculinity"

Josh Sowa, "Tricks of the Depressive Mind"

Tessa Spencer, "When It Comes to Love, You're Fukúed"
Mackenzie VanBeest, "Dueling Masculinities"

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