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Definition Of Declarative Essay

  • The letter, though, with its declarative statements that Ms. Dickinson lied, gave rise to a fresh claim for defamation.

    —jack greiner,, "Bill Cosby accuser may proceed with defamation suit,"14 Dec. 2017

  • The book’s chapters are succinct, often shorter than a page; the sentences are concise and declarative.

    —sam sacks, WSJ, "Sam Sacks on the Best New Fiction,"14 July 2017

  • Making things even more distant is the declarative style that Dodge’s cast adopts.

    —david lyman,, "Review: In 'Curious Incident,' nothing is as it seems,"21 Oct. 2017

  • Okeowo’s declarative prose is concise and rarely ventures into the realm of prescriptive analysis.

    —jackson holahan, The Christian Science Monitor, "'A Moonless, Starless Sky' tells the stories of the courageous figures who stand up to extremism,"2 Oct. 2017

  • The host opened Monday's inaugural episode of Megyn Kelly Today, the 9 a.m. hour of NBC's Today show, with that declarative statement.

    —kelly lawler, USA TODAY, "Review: Megyn Kelly tries to ditch politics for 'fun' on 'Today',"25 Sep. 2017

  • Part of the role (theirs and mine) is the stylizing of language: speaking mostly in simple declarative sentences, making all discourse either expository or interrogative.

    —susan sontag, Esquire, "Trip to Hanoi,"19 Sep. 2017

  • For Ibn Ezra, the explanation should be read as a declarative statement.

    —rabbi avi weiss, Jewish Journal, "Weiss: Each one of us is like the tree of the field,"21 Aug. 2017

  • Still, many other famous song titles remain question-mark averse, and when read aloud sound humorously declarative rather than interrogative.

    —matt wake |,, "These 25 songs are great but their punctuation sucks,"1 Aug. 2017

  • What Is a Declarative Sentence (with Examples)

    A declarative sentence states a fact or an argument and ends with a
    full stop () / period ().

    Declarative sentences are by far the most common type of sentence.

    Examples of Declarative Sentences

    Here are some examples of declarative sentences:
    • There are five million people at risk.
    • London is the capital of England.
    • I am no wine connoisseur, but I know what I like.
    • She asked whether I liked her dress.
    • (Although this is an indirect question, it is still a statement and, therefore, a declarative sentence.)

    Other Sentence Types

    Here are some examples of other sentence types:

    Imperative Sentence
    An imperative sentence is a command or a polite request. It ends with an exclamation mark (!) or a full stop / period. For example:
    • Fetch my umbrella!
    • Please bring my umbrella.
    Interrogative Sentence
    An interrogative sentence asks a question. It ends with a question mark (?). For example:
    • Can you find my umbrella?
    Exclamatory Sentence
    An exclamatory sentence expresses excitement or emotion. It ends with an exclamation mark (!). For example:
    • You've broken my umbrella!

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