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My Deloitte internship

“It was a dream-come-true when I got the opportunity to intern at Deloitte as I have always longed to work for an organisation that truly cares for the society and actively promotes equal opportunities to all. I was very impressed by Deloitte’s commitment to diversity around the globe and its active integration of Diversity & Inclusion policies into its workplace environment. I learnt about it when I took part in SMU-Barclays Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Business Challenge and used Deloitte as our case in point. Since then, I have ranked Deloitte as one of my dream employers and it was an eye-opening experience to intern at Deloitte and be a part of an inclusive workplace culture.

My Deloitte internship experience was truly amazing. I had the rare opportunity to try out two internship positions; one of which involves actively learning from the Internal Audit (IA) department; and the other from the Strategic Risk (Life Science and Innovation Service) department. Under the IA department, I was tasked to draft out specific components of IA reports. This was done after much in-depth analysis with the paperwork that my manager and I procured from the client’s office. Under the Strategic Risk department, my team and I were assigned the responsibility of conducting analysis on primary and secondary data. Also, I was in charge of presenting our consolidated information in a clear and concise manner to our upper management. In this department, I also got to sit in many important meetings and had first-hand experience on how meetings are conducted amongst top level management.

On top of the precious learning opportunities that Deloitte had provided me with, another takeaway was my group of intern friends. We worked hard together and enjoyed each other’s company, especially during company events! Indeed, Deloitte employees work hard and play hard.”

What I like about my internship experience

“There were a plethora of factors that contributed to my enjoyable internship experience with Deloitte. Under the leadership and guidance of my amazing mentors, I got exposed to many opportunities and learnt from the best. On a more personal level, my mentors really cared for me. They ensured that I got some time to rest after tough periods at work. My mentors played an important role during my internship stint at Deloitte. Also, I enjoyed working in an environment that provides you with almost everything. Deloitte’s office has a cafe, a rest & relaxation corner and even foosball table at the staff lounge for you to unwind during break time.

One of the most memorable parts of my internship was the Residential, which is a series of Enterprise Risk Services training programmes. My colleagues and I spent close to 5 weeks preparing for a dance item, in which we really bonded over the training sessions, preparation for the event and late night suppers together.”

Challenges that I met during my internship

“It was tough juggling between the two roles I was appointed with. I had to multi-task and often,working past the stipulated time to go home. However, I was really glad to be given this opportunity asit gave me the chance to develop myself through the various challenges presented to me.”

What I learned from my internship

“I realised that one should never be afraid to ask. It is only when you ask, then you will learn more and improve yourself there and then. The double exposure from working in both the Internal Audit and Strategic Risk department at Deloitte has given me one of the biggest takeaways and has taught me various important lessons. For Internal Audit, I got to understand how important it is to conduct internal audit to minimise the risk that a company faces. Also, I had the opportunity to practice the art of being detailed and meticulous with the clients’ documents. For Strategic Risk, I learned how to conduct a holistic analysis for the client (conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis). With all these takeaways from Deloitte, I am more prepared for working life in the near future.”

My advice for internship

#1: Always give your best shot. Don’t hold yourself back because to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

#2: Build relationships with your colleagues. They will make working in a competitive environment so enjoyable.

#3: When in doubt, never be afraid to ask! I found that my managers are more than happy to answer my queries.