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Should Animals Be Used For Research Essay Outline

  • We have the right

    Guys, look at this like a food chain. We humans are part of the food chain. Like how lions eat rabbits for their NEEDS, we use animals for our NEEDS. Nature gave us our brains- a specialty only to humans. Nature gave tigers their fangs and claws, as their specialty. The tiger NEED other animals for their survival. We NEED other animals too for our survival. The tigers go and get it, and so do we! So, why are you guys in the opposition against humans for obtaining our NEEDS, but not the tigers for acquiring theirs?

    You may say that we are being cruel, but aren't tigers ripping limbs out of a deer more cruel? We humans are just mammals, but with a talented brain bestowed by the nature. SO USE it! Just like how a tiger use its gift of fangs and claws! There is NOTHING wrong with us for using animals for research as we are - sorry to reiterate- obtaining our NEEDS, just like any other animals do.

  • We're talking human lives, people

    Say a loved one has been diagnosed with a once fatal disease; it may be because of animal research that medicine can help them live. If i had to choose between the life of a dog and the life of my brother, child, niece, nephew, any person i knew, i would pick the person

  • This testing helps keep humans safe.

    Would I rather have my hair fall out and become bald or the rabbit's hair which was going to be used for other purposes anyway? Do I want my skin to be burned by unknown chemicals that weren't tested? I believe that I don't want that harm to be put onto me. Therefore, animals should be tested to keep the safety of humans

  • If there are no better alternatives, animals should be used for research

    Animal testing is not always ideal, but it remains necessary for research. While it is important to consider the well-being of animals when conducting such research, it must also be recognized the potential knowledge, developments, and discoveries that can be gained. Since such research can lead to new products and medicine that have the potential to improve and save the lives of both humans and animals, it is justified.

  • Animals Should be Used for Reasearch

    Animal testing is one of the main start points for the invention of penicillin. Drug testing is an important and long process. In a world that is so dependent on the reliability and advancements of medicine to survive and function it would be strange not to test new methods in some way. Would you rather a possibly beneficial drug be tested on humans before animals?

  • stop taking medicine people who are against this..

    People who are against treatment of animals as the experimental object for medical purpose kindly stop taking medicine or any kind of vaccine. As we all have advanced to a modern era from stone age. This progress of human transformation saw many advancement order to make not only human's but animal's life convenient as well. Taking the example of such research i would like to demonstrate it's constructive use on animal. With the help of medicine the cow who got seek of some disease can be cured and made to produce 20 litre milk a day.The lion suffering with any disease can be cured back to normal. So, the development of such research doesn't only help us while it gives back life to animals suffering with any problem as well. I also agree with the nature's food chain as explained by many fellows above. Can you stop a snake hunting mice and make it to eat grass, no you can't. As many people told the whole world is a family, I request them to convert the non vegetarian animals into vegetarians as ng a family member it should be your responsibility. I also request them not to use any medicine if they are fallen ill, only then you could support your arguments.

  • Testing on animals is a good thing, but it's also a bad thing.

    If we didn't test on animals we wouldn't know if a certain medicine is good for us or it doesn't work. The experiments are sometimes bad. For example, using animals for makeup, that's bad. We don't need makeup-.-. That's pretty much useless. The poor animals shouldn't suffer to make a woman pretty. -,-

  • Testing on animals saves lives

    Testing of experimental pharmaceuticals and other medicinal products has benefited human society greatly. It allows us to comprehend in more detail the medicines we use daily to treat life-threatening diseases and infections. If we stop using animals for research in the name of "animal welfare", then we are acting extremely irresponsibly and limit our ability to combat disease, ultimately endangering ourselves.

  • Certain cases

    If it was for diseases, than yes, because that can help the lives of humans in the future. But, if you take an animals life away for stupid reasons like makeup, hair products etc... because it makeup isn't helping deaths or anyway important really, so why should it kill an animal?

  • They saved more people than you know.

    Testing for makeup is a bad thing, but if it's for a vaccine or medicine needed to treat humans, then we should test. That's why it's called a TEST. We need to see if it's safe for humans or not. If we use it straight away without testing it, a whole lot of people would have died. Because of those animals, most of you are alive.

  • Should Animals Be Used For Experiments?

    One of the most debated topics of our times is whether we should use animals for ex-periments or not. The interesting point that always comes up is what else is there instead of our dear friends. Without our lab creatures; our medicines, cosmetics and food would not be tested and might not be safe for our use and consumption.

    The process of using animals to test safety of food and medicines was practiced for many centuries. People watched domestic animals and studied their eating habits to identify food and herbs that was safe for human consumption. This practice has been well docu-mented in Indian and Chinese medicine. Powerful and Wealthy individuals in ancient times used domestic animals to test whether their food was poisoned or not.

    Animals were also sacrificed for meat and as a source of dietary supplement, a practice that exists to this day. Even now pig valves are used as a substitute for faulty human valves in heart surgeries. This process however will be discontinued as stem cell research progresses and human valves can be grown with human stems cells in the laboratory.

    There are many uses for these lab animals. These creatures are genetically reengineered to display problems of human diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and different types of weakness. They are also injected with different chemicals to observe their reac-tions. Animal studies are generally focused on observing chemical toxicology.

    I feel that these creatures should be used as long as there is no torture inflicted upon them. They are our only help to cure human...

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