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A Study on Consumer Brand Preference with Reference to DTH in Rural Area

V. Vijay Anand *, R. Renganathan , V. Srinivasakumar , S. Balachandran , V. Abarna Vaishaly , S. Sindhuja , R. Radhika


  • School of Management, SASTRA University, Thanjavur - 613401, Tamil Nadu, India

DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i27/97621


Indian rural market has a vast size and demand base. Considering this huge potential markets, companies started to concentrate more on this markets. One of them is DTH service, the offerings given by cable is not enough so the evolution of DTH came into existence. And its impact is now spread to rural markets also. Though it is a fact the buying behavior of any product or brand is based on the brand preference factors of a consumer. The study reveals the relationship between consumer brand preferences with purchase decision of customers towards DTH services. Finally the researchers found that most of them go with DTH rather than cable, because of its poor network and facilities. Objectives: The objectives of the study are to find the association between demographic factors and brand preference of the respondents of DTH users in rural areas; to study the variation between demographic factors and brand preference; to understand the effect of study variables such as cost, features, convenient services and support facilities on brand preference, to examine the relationship between brand preference and purchase decisions and to find out the effect of brand preference on purchase decisions. Method/Analysis: The researchers have collected primary data from 100 respondents from the customers of DTH by applying the structured questionnaire. The statistical tools such as Chi square test, one-way ANOVA and regression analysis were adopted for analysis purpose. Findings: There is association between the demographic factors viz., age, area, monthly income of the respondents with the Consumer Brand Preference. The research results also revealed that there is no association between the gender of the respondents and the Consumer Brand Preference. From the regression results, the researcher found that the Brand preferences do not vary with the demographic factors namely gender, age and area of the respondents. The results also revealed that the Brand preference do vary with the income of the respondents. The results revealed that there is a significant relationship between Consumer Brand Preference and Purchase Decision. There is a significant effect of Consumer Brand Preference on Purchase Decision. Applications/Improvements: The DTH has to consider the suggestions out the study results for further improvement in sales and services by comparing with other competitors. The study will enhance the organization to come out with best outcomes.


Consumer Brand Preference, DTH, Purchase Decision.

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