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Weed Legalization Research Paper

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NobleNote 3

since 2008. The continued and increasing use of marijuana strongly indicates thatmarijuana prohibition is a futile measure.We know from American history just how ineffective prohibition is. In the 1920’s,after the Eighteenth Amendment took effect, alcohol still continued to be produced,circulated, and consumed, despite being banned. Some Americans even took to makingtheir own alcoholic beverages, through various means. It wasn’t until 1933 that theprohibition was repealed by the Twenty-first Amendment. One of the largest flaws of prohibition is the thriving black markets they create. Even with the outlawing of a product,consumers will still demand it and seek it out, even through illegal means. Such was thecase 90 years ago, and such is the case today. Marijuana availability remains strong,undefeated by its outlawing.Due to the illegality of marijuana, research on it is stifled, preventing studies thatcould find safe and practical medical applications. Furthermore, the use of medicalmarijuana is denied to those whom it could possibly assist. Banning marijuana has so far been fruitless, as the black market continues to make money from the American public. If marijuana were to be legalized and regulated, the government would be able to tax sales,creating a large new source of revenue. Furthermore, with marijuana availability managedby the government, its safe and healthy use could be encouraged, preventing drug abusefrom occurring. In their current state, illegal drug-related laws are ignorant of freedom andpersonal liberty.