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Dissertation Based On Interviews With 81

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Dr. Gail Cheney is a 2014 graduate of the PhD Program in Leadership and Change at Antioch University.

This dissertation is accompanied by a MP4 video file, Leaving Values Outside [streaming in box above and available for download below]. The video outlines motivation for author’s selection of the topic


This dissertation frames the first step on a journey toward understanding the current and future place that Native values have in an Alaska Native Corporation, a context of value conflict, resolution, adaptation, and change.My dissertation strives to answer the question, "What is the future of Native Values at Sealaska?" To carry out this study, I utilized the Ethnographic Futures Research Method (EFR) developed by Dr. Robert Textor.EFR, as a method, asks individuals to envision a pessimistic, optimistic, and probable future along with strategies to move the probable future more toward the optimistic vision.EFR is an innovative and unique way to study Native values at a corporate organizational level.I expected the process to result in a collective vision of what Sealaska could be like in 15 years if Native values are integrated as envisioned based on individual interviews and collective discussion of aggregated interview scenario compilation.However, instead it provides the foundation of that strategic foundation for the future of Sealaska.This research revealed a set of tangible, culturally relevant options that can now be discussed and developed into a focus for the future of Sealaska as well as a proposed process to reach that agreement.The dissertation strives to provide meaningful long-range strategic objectives to weave into the evolutionary strategic plan.This dissertation is accompanied by a MP4 video file that is referred to within the text.The video outlines motivation for author’s selection of the topic.The electronic version of this dissertation is at Ohiolink ETD Center,

Recommended Citation

Cheney, Gail, "Understanding the Future of Native Values at an Alaska Native Corporation" (2014). Dissertations & Theses. 81.