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Downend School Head Teacher Personal Statement

Budget constraints can be an ongoing issue within schools; the decision of where to invest your money can be a difficult one, especially when you are trying to ensure you receive the most impact and value possible. I mean, let’s be honest, who really wants to spend money if it’s not going to benefit their students?

So before I continue; watch Mark Fuller: Head Teacher of Downend School (Bristol) share his thoughts and opinions on the impact my motivational service has provided for him:

I could sit here and tell you how amazing, impactful and effective my motivational services are, but anyone can do that. I think it is crucial for me to show you proof of results before you choose to invest.

So you’ve heard first-hand the successful outcomes of my motivational services in Mr. Fuller’s school. However it’s important to note that this isn’t just a ‘one off opinion.’ I have a large number of written testimonials from teachers across the UK who share similar thoughts and opinions to Mr. Fuller about the impact I provide.

Now let’s flip the switch; as great as it is to have teachers’ blessings, I am not there for them. I am there for the students. The rapport I gain with the students through my relatable personality is, what I believe, makes my work so effective.

The response is always incredible; I have thousands of student messages thanking me for how my work has changed their lives, supporting them and helping them through their educational journey. My website provides an abundance of proof but if you’d prefer to talk to me please don’t hesitate to contact me:

On top of that, you can see me in action and create your own opinion. Just hit the link here —>

That’s enough from me; now it’s YOUR turn, if you want to experience a similar impact within YOUR school then enter YOUR information below and I will be in touch ASAP!

Alternatively you can email me personally on –

Head Teacher Testimonial – Motivational Speaker UK

  • Cameron gave a terrific motivational assembly to Year 11, ahead of their GCSE exams. The students response was really positive. The students related well to Cameron and he was able to communicate his messages about resilience and ambition so well. He will be returning to talk to our Year 9’s and Year 11’s this Summer. We will be delighted to have them back.

    Peter Gould

    Assistant Principle, Orchard School

  • You can tell the success of a speaker within 5 minutes. This reduces to the first 1 minute when the audience are young people. They either get the students attention or they don’t. Of those that manage to capture their attention, few manage to keep it, especially for 60 minutes. Cameron achieved both.

    Michelle Billington

    Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

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Downend School is a coeducationalsecondary school and sixth form with academy status, situated on Westerleigh Road in the suburban village of Downend in South Gloucestershire, England.


Page School for Girls[edit]

Staple Hill Senior School for Girls was established in 1933, and in 1947 became Staple Hill Secondary Modern School, having separate departments for boys and girls. After the Chase Comprehensive School had been built for the boys in about 1966, the girls stayed in the buildings in North View, and it was renamed Page School for Girls.[1]


In September 1982, Page School for Girls merged with the coeducational Stockwell Hill Comprehensive School, and the new school was called Downend Comprehensive School.[1]

Later years[edit]

It was renamed Downend Community School. In 2005, it moved to Westerleigh Road.[1]

Tamryn Savage, was instated as head teacher for the school year beginning 2006 and onwards after the acting head teacher Ray Lockey retired. She left at the end of the academic year 2010-2011 and was replaced by Will Roberts. The buildings of Page School for Girls were demolished in 2007-8.[1]

The school converted to academy status on 1 March 2013.

Notable former pupils[edit]


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