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Distributive Property And Combining Like Terms Homeworknow

  • Karrie

    I agree with everything you are saying. Can't wait for your book. I'm already doing 90 percent of my dogs grooming but want to learn more.

  • Katie Rourke Dowding

    I would recommend that all doodle owners find a competent, qualified groomer who can provide them with pictures of work they have done before.

    Better still, get a personal recommendation from other doodle owners.

    Believe it or not, there ARE groomers out there who absolutely love doodles. Some of us even breed them ;-)

    Advising inexperienced owners that they can health check their own dog is not actually terribly clever.

    Most of the cockerpoos and labradoodles that arrive at my doorstep for the first time are totally matted solid and the owners have absolutely no idea! They also don't realise how painful it is to live with these matts or that they can actually cause gangrene in extreme cases.

    To be honest, I found the tone of your blog rather insulting to the grooming profession. Yes, there are some terrible groomers out there, but please, don't tar us all with the same brush.

  • Rick Lopez


    I recently adopted an aussie from a shelter - wanting to learn more and ran into your website and would like to grab a free preview on

    I really could not afford your book at this time. sorry funds are short. But anything would be appreciated.

    Bella is full of life - since I recently had a previous dog and he had a heart attack and died on my chest.

  • Jobe

    Your a idiot

  • DeeM

    Expert at doodle coats?? Because of the cross breeding not all doodles have the same coat, so which type of coat are you an expert at? How did you become an expert? Is there a school or degree earned to be an 'expert' for one type of doodle coat?
    "Are you tired of the shaved, unnatural look of your Doodle, because your groomer doesn't know how to deal with Doodle coats?"
    Groomers are always in the best interest of the dog and if the coat of your dog has been neglected to the point of suffocation of the skin then yes your haircut looks "unnatural". Humanity before vanity, but you obviously worry about the latter.
    So will your book cover all the types of doodle coats out there? Maybe you should hold some seminars at pet grooming shows to teach those groomers how to groom a doodle right!

  • V.L.

    As a professional groomer, I don't find that many doodles are freaked out by grooming. The ones that ARE excessively worried about the process likely came from breeders who did not introduce pups to grooming table, tub and scissors at a very early age. Good breeders of high-maintenance breeds groom their puppies EARLY and OFTEN. If you don't own clippers and know how to use them, DON'T breed dogs that must be groomed several times a year to live a healthy, normal life.

  • Chris

    Just remember when that home groom goes as badly as it does for most who try the DYI thing, it will cost you more at the groomer than if you had just paid a pro from start. That is if you don't do what many groomers see over and over with home doo's and cut your dog. Then you get to pay the vet and the groomer.. Have fun with that!

  • Anonymous

    Fucking retarded.... doesn't even deserve an intelligent response....

  • Concerned groomer

    And after you end up cutting or injuring your dog because you're too cheap or stupid to go to a professional dog groomer you can bring your doodle to your vet for stitches then to a real groomer for a hair cut. Grooming your pet at home is a serious risk. There is a reason groomers go through training. There are people out there who don't deserve to call themselves groomers but there are also experienced, patient, and kind groomers who treat every dog as if they were their own. Don't let people like this blog author convince you all groomers are bad and your pet isn't safe at the groomer. You should learn how to properly maintain your dog's coat (brushing and combing) and leave the hair cut to the professionals. As a groomer I have seen many at home hair cuts go terribly wrong! And I am not just referring to the beauty aspect, I have seen owners cut off a piece of a dog's ear, cut the sensitive areas of the body, and even cut off the end of the tail.

  • Starla

    What is it with these fucktard doodle people? These dogs aren't even AKC recognized but yet the owners think they are so high and mighty because they happen to own the *latest* and greatest *designer*breed, um I mean crossbreed or in layman's terms...expensive mutt. Silly wabbit wrote an ebook and managed to insult an industry all so she could make a buck or two. What are you going to do, little wabbit, when some idiot reads this trash and slices up their pet and comes after you for the Vet bill? Got insurance? Got a lawyer? And yes, please do enlighten us in your expertise of the various types of doodle coats. Your doodles wouldn't get shaved like a so called "poodle" if you people would stop listening to these money hungry backyard breeders advice, and instead, pick up a brush and learn how to use the thing.

  • Penny Lindh

    what a load of rubbish!

    1. You are talking about someone's lively hood. Groomers spend a lot more money on top quality products to achieve the perfect clip easily and as stress free as possible. A lot more than the $49 crap clippers at big w. If noise is an issue find a smaller salon that works by appointment of a mobile.

    2. 80% of grooming work these days is a oodle of some kind. Owners like different looks and idpf you find the right groomer and you visit regularly to keep the coat in good condition, any style is achievable. Not all groomers just like to shave it down, most do take pride in their work and like happy customers. Happy customers return!

    3. How can a four day groom possibly be a good thing. A good groomer can do the job properly in under two hours. They know how to handle the dog properly and how to handle an anxious dog to make them feel at ease

    4. Seriously, this is not an issue. Ask your friends for recommendations next time your out for coffee

    5. Cost - you get what you pay for! If cost is an issue and yes it can add up, don't get the dog in the first place. This should have been a consideration before purchase. Didn't bother you spending $1500 on a crossbreed in the first place

    6. This one I don't have a problem, everyone should be aware of their dogs health and lumps and bumps. A groomer has their hands all over your dog. As a groomer I have discovered many cases of cancer and other illnesses that the owners were not aware of

    7. Educate yoyrslf in animal handling before you decide to conquer the oodle or you will instill more anxiety into your already anxious pet

    8. Plenty of easier and less dangerous ways to bond with your dog. Take it for a walk, throw a ball, brush it. None of these will slice an ear off or require stitching.

    This does nothing but instill fear into untrained people. Laid of rubbish

  • Seriously

    just another person finding a way to make a buck off someone. My friend tried to groomer her own dog and cut it so bad it required a vet visit. Wanda find another way to make money.

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke! Right?!?!? Wanda you are an idiot. Gotta love those DIYers... Always out to save a buck but it usually comes back and bites them in the ass hard, and in the case of home grooming, I mean that literally. I hope your followers know how to handle a dog safely, because those skills cannot be picked up by merely reading some ebook. And if they don't know how to handle safely, they could very well end up with a disfigured face.

  • Anonymous

    "Doodle" owner...should say it all.
    spending $5K on a mutt = no functioning reasoning Section of the brain...

  • master groomer

    I think you should think about a new 'do' for yourself. The one on your head. Or are you also your own hair stylist too?

  • Mariah

    I thought this was an Onion article at first. This lady is probably a bored housewife who suffers from a need for validation or delusions of grandiose. Just brush your dog correctly and leave the details to us.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to know where you got your "facts" from this article. Most especially how you came to the conclusion that most groomers don't know how to groom doodles, or most doodles are too sensitive to be groomed. Doodles have a variety of coat types from curly or wavy to wiry and in some cases straight. Also doodles have been around for many many years. Do you really think groomers haven't seen any and every coat type? Are you aware of the percentage of dogs that are injured from inexperienced home groomers? I've seen more matted doodles than I have brushed out coats. The majority of owners don't take the time to brush the dog in between grooming much less groom them. Please do some research instead of spouting made up information and be aware of the consequences of your ammature advice. If you really want to teach people to groom go to a grooming school and learn how to do things safely and correctly.

  • pissed off groomer

    You are a joke. How dare you insult my career! I wish I could post pictures of all the doodles that have been "groomed at home". Cuts, scratches, large open wounds, ears cut, tip of tails cut off, eye lids split open. Never mind you people that don't brush!! The fur is pelted to the skin, sores, infections! While I had to go to school and strict training, and continue to go to classes for my knowledge. You, you are a piece of s@#$ who thinks that spouting bs to people to make money. I will laugh when I see you on the news being sewed by hundreds, for the medical bills from your bs

  • Anonymous

    Her dog looks like crap! Is she trying to teach everyone how to make there doodle look like crap. What really bothers me about this is all the damage that the diy people will do to there dog. Are you really teaching people to use dangerous equipment on a real animal with a book and you think this is better than going to a groomer. I have had dogs behave perfectly for me and all it took is one time of a person at home chopping at him/her and the dog was never the same. How many times have we groomers seen clients do it themselves and end up at the vet for stitches completely traumatized. I will never understand why every doodle that I have started doing, first thing out of the client's mouth is don't make them look like a poodle. I have never seen a doodle look like a poodle. That is an insult to the poodle. Does every doodle breeder get a memo saying make sure to tell the puppy parents don't let the groomer make it look like a poodle. They all sound like parrots. Any time I have questioned the client on what that means exactly they don't know. It's like a mantra in the doodle world. Ridiculous!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it people can say Doodle, but go awkward when they say Penis. It's the same thing!

  • Anonymous

    The other side of the coin

    1. You don't have to worry about your doodle not getting the best care possible.
    A groomer with years of of experience cant possibly know as much as a new puppy owner. Also new puppy owners generally start grooming far too late (about 6 months old) you should start grooming at about 3 months to acustom your puppy to the bath and hair dryers.

    2.You can determine the grooming look you love.
    This can be achieved by communicating with your groomer. Do some research and show them pictures.

    3. You can determine your own time.
    While this is true you can choose to spend endless hours over the course of a week if you groom yourself. On the other hand you can take them to a groomer and have it completed in 2-3 hours depending on the groomer. will save alot of time.
    if you do your research on local groomers then call to book 3-4 weeks in advance you can drop your dog at the groomers and have something else arranged while your dog is in safe hands (eg. You could go shopping or get your own hair done) meaning you have more time at home later to spend cuddling your dog.

    5. You will save alot of money on grooming costs.
    yes you will save money but your dog is likely to get stressed when you spend so long faffing about not really knowing what you are doing. If you want a dog thats cheap to groom buy a bulldog not a doodle. Also expect to get what you pay for. If you choose a groomer that costs more you can generally expect a much better service and normally they will be the ones qualified that value their time.

    6. You can monitor your doodles health.
    A groomer will be better at spotting abnormalities as they see 100s of dogs in a month intimately. You see only the ones you own. Also if they are qualified they will have had special training in what to look for.

    7. Grooming your doodle is the best relationship test.
    Daily brushing of your doodle builds your relationship and also allows you to health check your dog without risking cutting him/her.

    8. Spending quality 1 on 1 time with your doodle.
    This one's easy. If you have spare time to try to groom your dog you have spare time to take him for a walk alone or play or to teach him new tricks or extra brushing. Any of these activities will help build your relationship.

    In short, brush your dog daily, get them groomed from a young age and leave hair cuts to the professionals.

  • Anonymous

    Wow a groomer I say go ahead and try to groom your Doodle yourself so we as groomers can fix your mess up, and an FYI when I cut your dog out have a huge vet bill. We are trained to do what we do and NOT from a book we have years of experience.

  • Oodle groomer

    I totally agree with all of the above comments and will add one more comment. The author of this book will suck in a few ignorant people ONLY so don't worry.
    All of the qualified groomers will be the ones grooming these dogs eventually, sadly after owners have failed at it and have wasted their money. They were 'fooled' in the beginning thinking that this dog was better than a purebred in the first place.

  • sandy

    I think your concern for doodle grooming is valid, but as you are not a trained groomer you failed to even address the many reasons that it shouldn't be done at home. And there are too many to address here.

  • Angela

    Are you retarded ... what a stupid book do you know how many ugly hair cuts would be out there.. and cut up dogs

  • Anonymous

    Yep..Go ahead and be my entertainment by grooming your own Doodle.The most amusing part of this authors story is how inexperienced groomers are with Doodles and how she pretends to know what tools are used and type of clips that Poodles get. Poodles are the most versatile pets in style that there is. An experienced groomer will know how to dazzle your Doodles style any way that a customer chooses. There are experienced professional groomers out there who love their jobs and have a passion for what they do. There are places that are not traumatizing to your pet. Always ask to do a walk through tour of any grooming facility that you take your pet to and see for yourself. In the meantime you may want to save your $ by not wasting it on this literature unless you want to spend 3+ hours grooming your own Doodle.

  • Anonymous

    U make no sense lady. First u say why wait for your dog to be done in 3 hours when you can do it over 3 days. Then very next paragraph is saying you can save time and use it for other things. How does that make sense to you?

  • PamC

    Tou are full of crap. You know nothing. This makes no nense. Do you cut your own hair.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing I LOVE more than a client who attempts to home groom their dog. They ALWAYS come crawling back complaining how much work it is and their dog ALWAYS looks like a chopped up mess. It's like instant respect.

  • LOLZ

    my favorite is the time you'll save! You're right! It's WAY more efficient to spend 4-5 hours grooming your mixed breed dog than spending 3 minutes on the phone to book an appointment and then dropping off the beloved mutt, waiting for a phone call, and then going to pick it up. You clearly are wasting all of that time sitting by the phone deeply distressed by the thought of all of the horrible things your retarded groomer is doing to your precious baby.

    I love doodles. I love grooming them. I love a nice, fluffy, well maintained coat. The only "sensitive" doodles I see come from people much like yourself that treat their dog like its the most precious baby on the planet. News flash, we all love dogs but you're going overboard and your dog will not be able to function in a normal situation. I bet your kids are hellions too.

  • Joel

    people are morons who think they can do it themselves and have it look good!

  • groomer

    You are an idiot. The fact that you think that you can not just groom your own dog better than me, but that you can also teach that skill to others is insulting. I've groomed for 30 years. I've been to school, I take classes regularly, you lady can kiss my @ss. ....

  • Anonymous

    If the so called doodle breeders did their breeding and rearing job correctly it would be easy peasy to CONTINUE the training process after you purchase your new pet. Unfortunately people who purposely breed mutts are only thinking about the money and not the well being of the finished product. Something that is wrong with most today. Groomers can be artists if allowed to be, if the pup is brought to the groomer from a young age and the breeder worked with the pups before collecting all the dollars from the ignorant doodle buyer. Do your homework people!

  • Anonymous

    I think your implication that all groomers are streesed out is just so wrong on your part. And the use of the word tangles...don't you mean matts..I could name ten reasons why no one should buy your book..but I will keep my opinion of you and your book for profit to myself

  • Anonymous

    When people try to groom their dog at home and end up giving up the dog will be years old not trained to be for grooming and also mattes witch will have to be shaved down. Way to go!

  • Cheyenne

    I love grooming doodles and every dog, really.. Its what I do. I only hate it when ignorant, lazy people like this author Decide to never brush their animal. So yeah, go try to groom your matted dog while he is distracted, and wallering around because you are his mom and he is at home. Newsflash, they usually act better at the groomer BC they know the better behaved they are, the faster the grooming process.

  • Anonymous

    i own a doodle and tried to groom her myself. It takes a special kind of idiot to think they can do this. I had to go back to my regular groomer and apologize for making such a mess of her. Luckily my groomer just laughed and said that she knew i would be back, when i told her that i would groom her myself. i showed her this website, and again she laughed and shook her head. She said this whole page is a joke. I have to agree with my groomer, when she said that you basically insulted groomers when you said the groomers may use the wrong equipment, they maybe harsh and impatient or that a doodle is just too much for them...From my experience from owning dogs my whole life and having to get them groomed, every groomer i have had, knows what they are doing and obviously they have been trained...Write a book on something you know about

  • Anonymous

    How bout 8 reasons to do your own tattoos, or paint your car?? Cut your own hair? Make your own clothes!!! Doodles don't even have the same coat!! How are you am expert in doodle coats?? Any self groomed doodle I've seen have been uneven, and nothing but short. A few have been cut by owners. You cannot learn dog grooming in a book or online. It's hands on, under a skilled teacher.

  • Jill

    you know the name of your class makes no sense? Professional means you earn money for something. Amature means you do not. It doesn't equal a quality. Your either a professional or amature when it comes to something. You cannot teach people how to professional groom their own pets. It's not possible.

    Plus no owner ever brushes their dogs out well enough or even admits they have mattes. But hey I'm sure they'll be happy with their own hacked up matted results.

  • get real

    You need to go back where you came from and write a new book about how awesome groomers are lol. Jesus.. Why did you think this was a good idea?

  • Anonymous

    So after reading this it seems to me that this women is just in this for the money. Wants to teach you to groom in one day. That's pretty insulting to those of us groomers that have been trained to groom and continue to educated ourselves. I groom many doodles without any issues. Of course these are owners that I have worked with to get their dog on the right schedule. Oh and none of them wait 8 weeks. Maybe if any thought went into breezy these dogs they wouldn't have issues. Or if owners didn't wait until their dog was a year old and matted to the skin to bring them to a groomer. Then they blame the groomer for having to shave the dog down. These dogs are high maintenance if you don't want to pay for grooming then get a lab. Worst thing I ever saw was a doodle that's owners had been grooming her and brought her to me she was terrified of everything I couldn't get her finished safely when owners returned they said they pin her to the floor and shave her. Shameful.

  • Rotfl

    You are rediculous. I echo all the statements made by other commenters. Good luck with your upcoming lawsuits... you're gonna need it.

  • ProGroomer

    Dear Wanda:
    I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe even hoping you were a trained groomer. I dug through your site, videos and went to your Facebook page to ask when I saw nothing proving your background that allows you to teach or call yourself a professional in either coat, skin or grooming care. It took you less than a minute to remove my polite question about your training in these realms. A true pro would gladly share share the full as cope of their professional training but nothing screams AMATUER louder than someone than someone dodginv questions by removing an honest query.
    As a groomer of 21 years and countless hours and dollars of investment in my training and my business, all I can say is.......buyer beware.

  • Professional Groomer

    Please groom your own mutts!Cause the ones I see were brushed with spoons and all the owners are idiots like you.have fun!!!!

  • Groomer here...

    The worst injuries from grooming that I've personally seen have been from owners grooming their dog at home. We go through extensive training to learn how to use our tools to groom your dog safely.

  • Anonymous

    You say that professional groomers are not good enough to groom your precious "doodle" dogs, then you turn around and ask people to pay you for "lessons"? What are your qualifications? Professional groomers go through schooling and training for a reason. The most important reason is the safety and comfort of the dog. I have seen so many dog owners try to groom their own dogs at home, have "fixed" many awful home haircuts, and have uncovered awful wounds that the owner has inflicted with scissors or clippers. I wholeheartedly agree that 'doodle owners should BRUSH their dogs regularly and thoroughly, because about 90% of the 'doodles I see are so matted that shaving them down is the only humane option. Then people like you accuse us of doing it wrong because you "didn't want it that short"... well, I'm here to tell you, if you don't BRUSH and COMB your 'doodle at home, preferably daily, that coat is going to tangle and mat, leaving us no other humane choice. Don't blame the professionals that fix YOUR mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    You're not advising people to do what's best for their pets and that I find disgusting. Its shameful really. Why risk the safety of any doodle that is own by someone who takes your advice from your "book"... What qualifies you to teach anyone anything?

  • Anonymous

    Stop bashing people who love their carrier and have great passion and wealth of knowledge in it! In every career their are good and bad! It is up to you to find what fits for you and your dog!!!!!! I just hate people who do this ! I've worked long and hard breaking my back, neck, arms and financial income just to please you unappeasable people ! This just in ...get a Ffff life!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I LOOOOVE grooming my doodles. Big love bugs. But unfortunately due to seeing MANY mistakes and wounds and such. I think taking your doodle to a professional would be the best choice for several reasons. First we have insurance to cover your pet just in case anything did happen. Second, groomers have the equipment necessary to complete the job 100% in an hour and a half to 3 hours tops usually. Our high velocity dryer doesn't just blow dry. We find cancers and tumors and lumps and bumps that MOST owners never see. We are trained and have experience with how to hold, maneuver and manipulate a dog to complete our job as safely as possible. Yes... there are groomers who should not be. Just like there are police officers who shouldn't be. But most of us... this is our passion and I never want. Do anything else.

  • Dorothy Byrne

    What you are dealing with is a MONGREL..How ever ya want to look at it.
    I'm sick to my back teeth of "Oodle" this and "Chon" that. People giving stupid money for effectively is still a mongrel.
    When ya want a plumber - do u send for an electrician ? NO !!! This is like someone pulling their own teeth for God sake.
    Happy grooming to anyone who buys this book, but before you start - think of the damage you are inflicting on your pet, both physically AND mentally... Groomers are " TRAINED" PROFESSIONALS .. Not "want to be" professionals.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a groomer sitting in a dental office waiting for my daughter and this has been a great way to pass the time. Very entertaining!! Thank you fellow groomers! I'm with ya all the way!

  • Anonymous

    Omg...I have no words..everyone else on this thread already said what I would have said and more. You are a pathetic idiot who, just like these high priced muttbreeders..out to make a buck on the unknowing public. If mutt breeders were honest about what they are breeding and how they need to be groomed..we wouldn't have to shave down doodles. they are not non shedding hypo allergenic special size requested dogs. They are a mix that has many different coat styles..fur tupe..shedding..matting dogs whosee size cannot be determined just because they were bred with a specific sized poodle. Stop scamming people..stop lying to people and I suggest you get off your damn high horse and own a mutt who needs professional grooming. Hope you have an attorney on retainer as it will come back to bite you on your fat lazy scheming ass. Spend a day in a groomers shoes and you will see the majority of us having more knowledge than you when it comes to grooming oodles...whay you have done here is insult not only good groomers but owners of this think they can safely and easily groom their own dogs. You, lady, are truly a one of a kind piece of@_$#...ugh

  • groomer

    As a professional groomer of 34 years and a national certified master groomer who has competed international and nationally with many bred by mini poodles AKC breed championship, I say go for it. A lot less stress for groomers to deal with. Keep the matted messes at home for owners to deal with because they got them on the shape in the first place. I'm loving this idea. I'm sure the vets will be loving all the money they will be taking is as well from the cuts and mutilation the dogs will be getting with the bonding lessons. Yep, owner grooming doodles sounds like an excellent idea.

  • Barbara Bird, ICMG

    I find it unfortunate that the author of the book and course on Doodle grooming found it necessary to make such negative generalizations concerning groomers. There are many highly dedicated, very skilled groomers who enjoy grooming the Doodle hybrids. I count myself among them. I have been grooming for over 40 years, and I enjoy Doodles and the informal styles that most pet owners want. As for DIY grooming, I celebrate it! Go for it! Occasionally DIY works out; more often, however, home grooming results in frustration and distress between groomer and pet. Home instruction such as marketed by this website assumes that "anyone can do it", a tragically flawed assumption. A few can; but many cannot. Grooming requires a set of skills including hand-eye coordination, (accuracy with sharp instruments on a moving target), working with hair and coat types, knowing how to cut hair to get a desired result, animal handling skills, clipper skills, and coat preparation. Often, home groomers start compromising in the area of coat preparation, especially blow drying and combing out. Blow drying is tedious and time-consuming, so the owner/groomer often does not complete the task, but allows the dog to dry on its own, including rubbing on the floor or furniture. This causes more and tighter tangling of the coat. The first breakdown that occurs is usually over the matter of combing out tangles. The dog starts to squirm and flinch and the novice groomer/owner fears that the dog will no longer love them if they continue to tug on the coat. Humane detangling is a whole skill of its own. I encourage the prospective DIY Doodle groomer to go to a DIY grooming facility before investing in costly equipment that you may use two or three times before you give up and put it on Craig's List. Try to find out if you and your dog are suited for this challenge of grooming. Are you able to do things to your dog that he/she really does not want you to do? Do you have the patience to put up with resistive behavior and the knowledge of how minimize this? It's better to find out before you spend $1000 on grooming equipment.

  • haha

    Aaannnndddd....This is why I quit grooming large rid myself of the doodles. I love the dogs, even though they are the hardest ones to work with since most are untrained, scared of a pin drop since they never get out enough. Guess they are just "sensitive".... no...they are untrained. Main reason I quit grooming large dogs, doodle owners. Unrealistic expectations and matted, Neurotic messes. I do groom two doodles still, and they are my favorite dogs! I babysit them too all the time! Guess why they are so good? Mom exercises them, trains them and teaches them they don't have to be so "sensitive". She leaves the grooming to me and is realistic about what is needed to maintain them. Never puts vanity before humanity. Do what is best for the dog and your lifestyle. Don't spend $$$$$! $$ on a mutt, and then expect cheap grooming. We have to make a living too, not just pay you money to groom your badly behaved matted mess.

  • another groomer

    wait.....what? since when do doodles need to be groomed, brushed or even bathed? last story i heard was to pour baby powder on them and shake up the coat because a groomer could never understand the exotic nature of the breed. (dripping with sarcasm)

  • Wanda

    Wow, I expected groomers to be annoyed, and they are.
    just like here in the Netherlands. Fact is that a lot of Doodle owners do get their Doodle matted, because they know nothing about grooming. And that they are disappointed about groomers that shave them or scissor cut them like Poodles.

    That is why I (as a professional groomer, specialized in Doodles and daughter of a professional groomer of 49 years and Waterdog breeder) I started my workshop business 4 years ago. Owners CAN learn to grooming their Doodle themselves professionally, in a natural, fluffy way and they LOVE it. My doodlecomfort website is full of testimonials and my FB group full of photos.

    I am sorry that you groomers feel bashed, but I teach owners to right techniques to keep there Doodles tangle free, so be happy, because not everyone of your customers will want to learn all of the grooming themselves. Detangling is the worst, physically challenging job you can do as a groomer. I know, because I have been doing it dayly for 7 years now and I am saving you from that :-)

  • Labradoodle Owner

    Honestly Professional Groomers.

    Is it truly necessary to be so aggressive, sarcastic, angry and most rudely of all, personally insulting to the owner of this site? Wouldn't it be more effective to state your personal truth and facts without the nasty, to bring a better reputation and respect to yourself, with an added result of attracting more clients?

    As it stands, you may be bringing disrepute to your own industry with these pitiful attitudes, and honestly, it makes dog owners like me, re-think their trust in you. I'm quite sure an angry and rude individual would not make great respecter of a dog during a grooming session.

    Your Professional Grooming truth should be heard, and it IS needed. Please provide it with honor. Every Labradoodle owner has questions, seeks answers and is simply trying to do their homework in their choices regarding grooming care.

    Thank you to Barbara Bird for the only helpful information in these comments with your detailed (and respectful) thoughts on DIY grooming challenges.

  • salon owner

    When doodles became the rage, I started out with absolutely no opinion of them, either way. What I quickly came to find out was that breeders were not telling owners just how high maintenance these coats were. My clients were never taught coat care by their breeders. Usually the dog was 5-6 months old when they first came to see me, and it was already matted. As a groomer, when a matted dog comes in, we have two choices...dematting or clipping the coat short. Dematting is painful, imagine not combing your hair correctly for 6 months! So now I'm expected to pull and tug and demat this poor dog. The dog doesn't like it because it hurts, I don't like it because physically, it's very hard work and I know I am hurting the dog, just to please the owner. So the dog is in pain and then it decides the best way to get me to stop is to bite me! Yes, your cute fluffy doodle will turn Cujo on me and its mouth is generally right at face level to me! How would you feel if your dog ripped half of my face off? It CAN and it DOES happen! Usually, when we have to clip the coat, it's much shorter than the owner wants, but we have to clip it so short because you have to be able to get the blade underneath the matted hair. Sometimes, the mats are to the skin. Clipping the mats off is much more humane. I've tried to educate each and every one of my doodle clients on how to maintain the coat at home. I've bought them professional quality tools at trade shows, just like I use to make it easier. I have never had one single client be able to maintain a 3 inch long doodle coat at home, and they're coming in every 4 weeks! Most doodle owners do not want to pay for the amount of work involved and when I can groom 4 small dogs for triple the amount I make on a doodle, it doesn't take a genius to realize that it is not good business sense. I do not enjoy clipping off every coat that I see. I love breed cuts and full coats, if they are maintained. It's part of owning a high maintenance does not matter if you go on a family vacation, It's back to school time, you kids soccer team is in the championships or if your kids are sick, you're going through a divorce, someone died...that coat still needs to be combed out!

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  • Mitch

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  • Napoleon

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  • Raleigh

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  • Tobias

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  • Ariana

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